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  • “Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil.” -  C.S. Lewis
  • “A philosophy which no longer asks the question of the meaning of life would be in grave danger of reducing reason to merely accessory functions, with no real passion for the search for truth.” - John Paul II
  • “The danger for the western world – to speak only of this – is that today, precisely because of the greatness of his knowledge and power, man will fail to face up to the question of the truth. ” - Benedict XVI
  • “That only is true enlargement of mind which is the power of viewing many things at once as one whole, of referring them severally to their true place in the universal system...” - John Henry Newman
  • "Once abolish the God, and the government becomes the God." - G.K. Chesterton

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Featured Article

The Family and Modern Liberal Theory

- Michael Pakaluk 

"In the family are found the original sources and wellsprings of friendship, constitutional government, and justice." So writes the author of the Eudemian Ethics, which, if he is not Aristotle, has in this sentence at least penned something as profound as anything Aristotle ever wrote. If I were a preacher, I would take that sentence as holy writ for my sermon: In the family are found the original sources and wellsprings of friendship, constitutional government, and justice.

  "Original sources" refers to first principles: that on which everything else depends – abolish it, and you abolish those other things; weaken it, and you weaken those other things s well. As with C.S. Lewis' Tao, there is no solid ground, no position one can take, apart from the first principles.

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A TIC Online Core Curriculum

  The Thomas International Center is preparing an online university project, which, over the next several  years, as resources become available, will provide access to a liberal arts Online Core Curriculum.

  The Core Curriculum will offer introductions to a variety of different disciplines, inspired – as a sound core curriculum should be – by an integrated vision of knowledge, rooted in the philosophy of the great theologian and philosopher St. Thomas Aquinas. 

  The program will eventually consist of over twenty full, university-level courses.  Each course will be divided into about five online “short courses,” with each of the short courses divided into about fourteen half-hour classes.

  The taping of the first course will begin this spring.  “American Constitutional Principles” will be taught by Center Co-Director Christopher Wolfe.  Dr. Wolfe  taught this course at Marquette University for about thirty years, and it draws heavily on his expertise regarding the Constitution.

  The pace and timing of our rollout of the core curriculum are entirely dependent on the generous contributions of our supporters.  To facilitate our development of the Core Curriculum, please consider donating!

  The Online Core Curriculum is an intermediate goal: it will be a “preview” of the university we hope to establish in a few years.  Online university programs and courses can be a valuable resource,  but – despite currently fashionable predictions – a genuine liberal arts education, which helps students achieve an integrated Christian view of life in all its varied aspects, will always require personal contact and discussion between students and excellent teacher-scholars.